Posts made in April, 2014

OSHA Guidance in Selecting a Powered Industrial Truck

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidance on selecting powered industrial trucks for use in different operating environments. The standard classifications include 11 different designations of industrial trucks or tractors: Types D, DS, DY, E, ES, EE, EX, G, GS, LP, and LPS. The employer is responsible for determining the hazards...

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Accident Investigation Interviews

Reducing the frequency and severity of workplace accidents requires a timely investigation when accidents occur. In general, only experienced personnel should conduct interviews of workers who witnessed an accident or have relevant knowledge of the circumstances. If possible, a team should be assigned to this task and an individual with a legal background should be...

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Accident Investigation Fact-Finding

Workplace accidents are unplanned and unintentional events that result in harm or loss to personnel, property, production, or nearly anything that has some inherent value to a business. Accidents are rarely simple and almost never result from a single cause. Most accidents involve multiple, interrelated causal factors. Accidents can occur whenever significant...

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