Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Requirements

Acord application, supplemental application, five years loss runs and experience rating worksheet-if available.  East of Texas send submissions to and west of Texas send submissions  to

Waiver of Subrogation

We have two types of waivers, specific and blanket. The premium charge varies by state and is finalized at audit. Information needed to process is the length of the job, the estimated payroll for the job, nature of the operations and the entity name and address.

Reminder of Pay Dates

The policy deposit is due within 5 days of the inception date. The installments are due 30 days from inception and again on the same day each subsequent month.


Payroll can be reported and paid online before the 15th of each month at Click on the Payment and Reporting button on the home page. Payment is made through V Check.

Agency Portal

This database will provide you a status for your clients’ policies, endorsements, cancellations and reinstatements.

Payroll Audits

In general the final audit will be solicited approximately 30 days prior to the expiration and finalized within 90 days of that date. Our audits are performed by our own premium auditors and augmented where necessary by Overland Solutions. The audit review, billing, collections and oversight duties are conducted by Midwestern experts


Our ACH program will direct deposit your commission to an account of your choosing, helping you to get your payment even faster! Paperless commission statements will also be available online within the first week of month-end closing. Signing up for the ACH program and electronic commission statement is simple and can help improve your agency cash flow management.

Fees and Assessments

Workers’ compensation assessment charges are state mandated factors and are the same for all insureds in a given state. We collect the fees over time and not up front.

Customer Service

It is our pleasure to serve you! Call anytime if you have questions. Our toll free number is: 1-800-356-8457.