Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes all accessories designed to create a barrier between a worker and workplace hazards. A hazard assessment should be conducted of the workplace to determine if conditions are present that would require the use of PPE. This checklist identifies areas of concern in assessing a PPE program for workers.

Questions Yes No N/A
Has a hazard analysis been conducted to identify PPE requirements or needs?
Is there a written PPE program derived from the hazard analysis?
Is there a written respirator program?
Is there a written hazard communication program?
Is there a written hearing protection program?
Has training been provided to each worker required to wear PPE?
Are regularly scheduled PPE training sessions conducted and documented?
Do workers use the PPE required by the hazard assessment?
Are workers involved in PPE selection?
Are protective helmets provided and worn on the jobsite where there is danger of head injuries?
Are protective helmets inspected periodically for wear or damage?
Is protective footwear and gloves used where there is danger of foot or hand injuries?
Are approved respirators provided, as needed, and inspected before and after each use?
Does the PPE fit each worker properly?
Is PPE maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition?
Are workers issued, and required to wear, hearing, eye, and face protection devices?
Are full-body harnesses used, when necessary, and regularly inspected for damage or wear?
Do workers wear reflective clothing when working outdoors at night?
Is defective PPE immediately removed from service?


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