Former Arrowhead Chief Remembers The Company’s Rapid Growth

Pat Kilkenny, who is now the CEO of K2 Insurance Services, talked about his time at Arrowhead General Insurance Agency starting in the 1980s, and how he and an employee group took the firm private in 1986. Following the 1992 Northridge Earthquake, the company grew out of its niche primarily in nonstandard auto and $5 million in annual premiums to becoming big property insurer producing $1 billion in premiums. He spoke to Insurance Journal about the company.

K2 Head: Listening Is Pervasive Here

K2 Insurance Services CEO Pat Kilkenny emphasizes the importance of his company’s culture in which a mix of old guard and young up-and-comers are all part of helping steer K2 in the direction of solid growth. “It’s a great combination of people who are willing to listen,” he said. “Listening is pervasive here.” He and Bob Kimmel, president of K2 Insurance Services, spoke to Insurance Journal about their company.

K2 President on Company’s Growth

Bob Kimmel, president of K2 Insurance Services, discussed the company’s eclectic interests. The company has seen strong growth within the many lines it’s into. K2 is comprised of two insurance companies and 10 business units that are nearly equally split between commercial and person lines. K2 has myriad books of business, including mobile homes, workers’ comp for transportation and truck drivers, commercial earthquake, public entities, surety as well as accident and health. Kimmel spoke to Insurance Journal about the company.