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frequently asked questions

What is the price of the Midwestern Payroll Service?

The price of the service is $25 per employee per month. For example, if you have 10 employees the cause will be $250 per month ($25 X 10 employees)

Does the Payroll Service file the Payroll taxes on behalf of the employer and employee?


What is the phone number or e-mail to reach a payroll specialist?

1.877.731.8703 or mia-payroll@ipays.com

What can I do if I am interested in this service after receiving a workers compensation quote from Midwestern?

The agent or the insured should contact with the “Payroll Service” and express interest in the payroll service, either using the www.miapayrollrater.com link and following the four easy steps or calling a payroll specialist at 1.877.731.8703 or e-mailing a payroll specialist at mia-payroll@ipays.com

Is a 0% deposit on the workers compensation coverage available without signing up for the payroll service?

Sorry, but no. The zero deposit option is only available in combination with the payroll service.

What options are there for Payroll Frequency?
  • Weekly (52 times)
  • Bi-Weekly (26 times)
  • Semi-Monthly (24 times)
  • Monthly (12 times)
How can employers submit payroll?

Employers can log in into the site and enter the payroll themselves or call, text, or e-mail a payroll specialist, and they will handle entering and submitting the payroll.

What payment options are there for the employees?

Direct Deposit, Paper Checks, Pay Card or combination of all these options

Is the Pay-As-You-Go Work Comp Premium Facilitation included in the base price of $25 per employee per month?


Is HR & Risk Management Support included in the base price of $25 per employee per month?

Yes. This includes new-hire electronic onboarding option of your employees.

Will the employer lose control over their employees by running payroll though Midwestern Payroll?

No. The employer will retain full control and direction over their employees.

Does Midwestern's payroll service handle all my payroll taxes, W2’s and quarterlies?

Yes. The payroll service will submit and report all payroll taxes including 940s,941s, state tax filings. Additionally, the payroll service will also take care of the W2’s for the employees. All this is included in the $25 per employee per month.

Whose company name will be on the check stubs?

The employer company name will be on all the check stubs.

Who is the company behind the Midwestern Payroll Service?

The company behind the Midwestern Payroll Service is Insight Payroll Associates – https://ipapays.com/