Midwestern Insurance Alliance, LLC has been a Workers’ Compensation Claims Third Party Administrator (TPA) for over 30 years. The company has a long history adjudicating severity claims for the following industry segments:

  1. Large self-insured underground mining clients
  2. Nursing home group self-insured fund
  3. Trucking risks nationwide
  4. Forestry logging risks throughout the southeast

Midwestern Insurance Alliance, LLC is committed to delivering skilled, knowledgeable and prompt claims service that meets our clients’ unique needs — wherever and whenever a loss occurs. Our philosophy is low case-loads, customer service focus with open communication. We aggressively manage every claim, utilizing our proven expertise, team approach. Exceptional claims service takes many years of experience with dedication to build a excellent service and continual improvement to better serve our clients. Our experienced claims team allows claims to be managed by first hand knowledge of risks, forms, industry and regulatory issues with the average tenure of Midwestern Insurance Alliance, LLC adjusters being over 14 years. We offer dedicated resources to ensure consistency of claims handling and strategies in bringing a claim to closure.

Our medical review services greatly reduce medical costs through medical fee schedules, PPO network discounts and nurse review. Savings are significant. In addition to our medical review, we have nurse case managers that can be hands-on with the injured employee and the medical provider.

Midwestern Insurance Alliance, LLC claims staff work closely with the claimant, the employer and the physician to get the employee back to work as quickly as possible. The claims adjusters are very aggressive in settling claims quickly, appropriately, and as cost effective as possible. If legal counsel is needed, we have a long-term relationships with defense attorneys to get the process completed.

Let our claims team work for you.