Convenient Online Payment Options

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No more wondering if your check will get lost in the mail. Our secure online payment website (Virtual Check Solutions) is the fastest, easiest way to make payments on your policy! Fill out our simple form and the amount you specify will be deducted right from your company’s bank account! No more wondering if your check will get lost in the mail!

Monthly Reporting / Payment

In order to use the online monthly reporting option, you must also make your payment online.

After completing your monthly payroll report, you will be directed to our secure online payment website. You will need to have your bank’s routing number, account number, and check number.

If you have any questions or need assistance please call 800-356-8457 (east of TX) and 888-408-9867 (west of TX).

Monthly Reporting

* For workers’ compensation premiums only

Standard Online Payment

You can now make premium payments online using our secure online payment website.

If documents are required for payments to be accepted, please email them to or fax them to (502) 426-7067. Please note in the email or fax that payment was made online.

Before you start, you will need your bank account information, as printed on your check and your policy or account number.

Online Payment

* For workers’ compensation premiums only