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The following is a partial list of safety posters available to policyholders of Midwestern Insurance Alliance. It’s  just one of the many innovative ways Midwestern Insurance Alliance supports your business. These and many additional safety and HR resources can be accessed through our Risk Management Center.

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The following safety posters are available in the Risk Management Center

Accident Investigation – Unsafe Acts and Conditions – English/Spanish

Discusses the unsafe events and acts that contribute to an accident.

Aerial Lifts – Positioning – English/Spanish

Precautions to take when positioning aerial lifts.

Aerial Lifts – Preventing Tip-Overs – English/Spanish

Illustrates tip-over prevention for aerial lift trucks.

Aerial Lifts – Supervisor Duties – English/Spanish

Duties of aerial lift supervisors.

Agricultural Safety – Machine Use – English

Provides an overview of basic machine use safety

Agricultural Safety – Machine Use – English/Spanish

Provides an overview of basic machine use safety.

Agricultural Safety – Noise – English/Spanish

Basic overview of damaging noise in the agricultural industry.

Agricultural Safety – Organic Dust Reduction – English/Spanish

Example work practices where the use of respiratory protection is to be used.

Agricultural Safety – Pesticides – English/Spanish

Illustrates safety controls and personal hygiene habits when working with pesticides.

Agricultural Safety – Preventing Heat Stress – English/Spanish

Methods that may help prevent heat-induced disorders.

Agricultural Safety – Protective Clothing – English/Spanish

Protective clothing guidelines for agricultural workers.

Agricultural Safety – Sun Exposure – English/Spanish

Describes precautions to protect yourself from sun exposure.

Ambulation Assist Device – English/Spanish

Points to remember when utilizing ambulation assist devices.

Blades and Knives – English/Spanish

How to avoid injury when working with blades and knives.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Common Viruses – English/Spanish

Shows how many people in the United States are currently infected with HBV, HIV, and HCV and encourages use of standard precautions.

Bloodborne Pathogens – General – English/Spanish

Explains most common causes of infection.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Hepatitis B – English/Spanish

Briefly explains the characteristics and symptoms of hepatitis B.

Bloodborne Pathogens – HIV – English/Spanish

Provides information about HIV and possible symptoms.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Post Exposure – English/Spanish

A reminder to conduct post exposure follow up.

Bloodborne Pathogens – PPE – English/Spanish

Reminds employees to wear the proper personal protective equipment when exposed to bloodborne pathogens.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Protect Yourself – English/Spanish

Precautions on how to protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Sharps Containers – English/Spanish

A reminder to dispose of all syringes and other sharps into designated sharps containers.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Standard Precautions – English/Spanish

Encourages use of standard precautions when working with bloodborne pathogens.

Bloodborne Pathogens – Transmission – English/Spanish

Lists different bodily fluids that may transmit bloodborne pathogens.

Child Safety – Overhead Pulldown Hazard – English/Spanish

Controls for preventing injury from overhead objects.

Cold Stress – Protect Yourself – English/Spanish

How to protect yourself in cold environments.

Cold Stress – Symptoms – English/Spanish

Signs that you are suffering from cold stress.

Confined Spaces – Attendant Duties – English/Spanish

Guidelines for confined space attendants to follow.

Confined Spaces – Emergency Personnel – English/Spanish

Guidelines for emergency response to confined space rescue.

Confined Spaces – Entrant Duties – English/Spanish

Provides a list of basic duties for those entering confined spaces.

Confined Spaces – Permit Elements – English/Spanish

Describes precautions for permitted entry into confined spaces.

Confined Spaces – Supervisor Duties – English/Spanish

Lists supervisor duties for confined spaces.

Driver Safety – Backing Up – English/Spanish

Tips for backing up a safely.

Driver Safety – Changing Lanes – English/Spanish

Guidelines for safely changing lanes.

Driver Safety – Defensive Drivers – English/Spanish

Defines actions of a defensive driver.

Driver Safety – Entrance and Exit Ramps – English/Spanish

How to use entrance and exit ramps.

Driver Safety – Fatigue – English/Spanish

Preventing fatigue when driving.

Driver Safety – Following Distance – English/Spanish

Guidelines for safe following distances under any conditions.

Driver Safety – Intersections – English/Spanish

Guidelines to follow when approaching intersections.

Driver Safety – Left Turns – English/Spanish

How to make safe and proper left turns.

Driver Safety – Mirrors – English/Spanish

Reminds drivers to use mirrors to see all spaces around their vehicles.

Driver Safety – Parking on Slopes – English/Spanish

Guidelines for parking on hills or inclines.

Driver Safety – Passing or Meeting a School Bus – English/Spanish

What to do when passing or meeting a school bus.

Driver Safety – Pedestrians – English/Spanish

A reminder to be aware of pedestrians.

Driver Safety – Right Turns – English/Spanish

Guidelines for making a proper right turn.

Driver Safety – Roundabouts – English/Spanish

How to safely drive through roundabouts.

Driver Safety – Speed Management – English/Spanish

Reminds drivers to maintain control and a safe speed.

Driver Safety – Stopping – English/Spanish

Explains how to slow and stop safely.

Driver Safety – Stopping On the Shoulder – English/Spanish

Guidelines for stopping or parking on a roadway shoulder.

Electrical Safety – Arc Flash Warning Sign – English

A poster illustrating an arc flash and shock hazard zone.

Ergonomics – Chair Fit and Adjustment – English/Spanish

Different chair adjustments for office workers.

Ergonomics – Excessive Vibration – English/Spanish

A poster outlining the ergonomic consequences associated with excessive vibration including Raynaud’s syndrome and injury prevention tips.

Ergonomics – Find Your Balance – English/Spanish

Tips and suggestions to achieve a healthy physical and mental state of being.

Ergonomics – Heavy Lifting – English

Proper techniques of heavy lifting and associated ergonomic health consequences.

Ergonomics – Lifting – English/Spanish

A reminder to use proper lifting techniques when handling objects.

Ergonomics – Mouse Use – English/Spanish

Proper ergonomic techniques for using a computer mouse.

Ergonomics – Musculoskeletal Disorders – English/Spanish

Lists risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders.

Ergonomics – Neutral Body Position – English/Spanish

How to achieve a proper ergonomic neutral body position at an office desk workstation.

Ergonomics – Shoulder and Neck Risk Factors – English/Spanish

Specific actions that cause shoulder and neck strain.

Ergonomics – Workstation Fatigue – English/Spanish

Ergonomic health consequences associated with office workstation environments including injury prevention tips.

Evacuation Plan – English/Spanish

Covers the basics of an effective evacuation plan.

Exercise Machines – English/Spanish

Use exercise machines safely and at your own risk.

Eye and Face Protection – Face Shields – English/Spanish

A general description of face shield protection.

Eye and Face Protection – Filter Lenses – English/Spanish

Reminds workers to wear protection with the correct filter shade to protect eyes from optical radiation.

Eye and Face Protection – Glare – English/Spanish

A list of ways to reduce glare when using eye and face protection.

Eye and Face Protection – Safety Glasses and Goggles – English/Spanish

Details using safety glasses and goggles to shield eyes from hazards.

Eye and Face Protection – Welding Curtains – English/Spanish

Reminds staff to use welding curtains to protect people in the work area.

Eye and Face Protection – Welding Helmets – English/Spanish

Describes face shields used for welding.

Fall Protection – English/Spanish

Provides tips for preventing falls in the workplace.

Fall Protection – Wear Fall Protection – English/Spanish

A poster encouraging the use of fall protection.

Fire Extinguisher Use – Classes of Fires – English

Illustrates the five classes of fires and the corresponding type of fire extinguisher required to fight each.

Fire Extinguisher Use – Elements of Fire – English

Describes the conditions required for a fire to burn, and how to use this information to extinguish a fire successfully.

Fire Extinguishers – Care and Maintenance – English/Spanish

How to care for and maintain fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguishers – Use – English/Spanish

Proper fire extinguisher use technique.

Forklift Operation – Pre-Check – English/Spanish

A poster outlining safety precaution to take prior to operating a forklift and after entering the forklift.

Forklift Safety – Before Operating – English/Spanish

Lists issues to address before operating a forklift.

Forklift Safety – Determine Load Weight and Capacity – English/Spanish

Determine the load weight and load capacity for a forklift before operating.

Forklift Safety – Loading and Lifting – English/Spanish

Illustrates general rules for preparing to pick up loads.

Forklift Safety – Operational Guidelines – English/Spanish

How to operate a forklift safely.

Forklift Safety – Parking – English/Spanish

Illustrates general rules for parking a forklift.

Forklift Safety – Pedestrians and Other Employees – English/Spanish

Tips for pedestrians and others working in the vicinity of forklifts.

Forklift Safety – Stability Pyramid – English/Spanish

Explains the use of an imaginary pyramid to keep loads stable.

Hazard Assessments – Controls – English/Spanish

Defines the different safety controls that can be implemented to reduce the risk of an accident.

Hazard Communication – Chemical Labels – English/Spanish

Illustrates the label requirements for hazardous chemicals.

Hazard Communication – GHS Pictograms – English

Displays the nine pictograms of the Globally Harmonized System that can be found on hazardous chemical labels and SDSs, and what each represents.

Heat Stress – Causes – English/Spanish

A poster outlining the causes of heat induced illness.

Heat Stress – Contributing Factors – English/Spanish

A list of factors that may contribute to heat illness.

Heat Stress – General Symptoms – English/Spanish

Indications of heat stress.

Heat Stress – General Treatment – English/Spanish

How to care for a person suffering from heat stress.

Heat Stress – Heat Stroke – English/Spanish

Symptoms and treatment of heat stroke.

HMIS Label System – Blue Box – English/Spanish

Describes health hazards in the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).

HMIS Label System – Orange Box – English/Spanish

Describes physical hazards in the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).

HMIS Label System – PPE Box – English/Spanish

Describes personal protective equipment (PPE) in the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).

HMIS Label System – Red Box – English/Spanish

Describes flammability in the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).

Infections – Staph and MRSA – English/Spanish

Describes staph and MRSA infections, transmission, safeguards, symptoms, and treatments.

Infections – Viral Hepatitis – English/Spanish

Describes the mode of transmission and prevention of different types of viral hepatitis.

Kitchen Safety – Fire Hazard Controls – English/Spanish

Describes the areas where fires are likely to start.

Kitchen Safety – Knife Storage- English/Spanish

A poster detailing how to safely store knives in the kitchen.

Kitchen Safety – Microwave Use – English/Spanish

A poster on safe microwave use.

Kitchen Safety – Slips Trips and Falls – English/Spanish

A poster detailing ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls while working in the kitchen.

Kitchen Safety – Smart Storage – English/Spanish

A poster detailing the importance of safely storing materials in a kitchen setting.

Kitchen Safety – Strains and Sprains – English/Spanish

Details the dangers associated with static posture and repetitive movements.

Ladder Safety – Basics – English/Spanish

A poster covering the basics of ladder safety.

Ladder Safety – English

Covers the basics of ladder safety.

Lead Safety – Entry Routes – English/Spanish

A poster describing the ways that lead enters the body.

Lead Safety – Health Effects – English/Spanish

Describes health problems associated with overexposure to lead.

Lead Safety – Personal Hygiene – English/Spanish

A poster detailing good personal hygiene practices used to reduce exposure to lead.

Lockout and Tagout – Guidelines – English/Spanish

A poster reminding employees to lockout for safety.

Lockout and Tagout – 6 Steps – English

A poster covering basic steps for maintenance shutdown.

Lockout Tagout – English/Spanish

A poster encouraging action of lockout and tagout in the workplace.

Machine Safety – Basics – English/Spanish

A safety poster covering the basics of working with or around machinery.

Machinery – Abrasive Wheel Guards – English/Spanish

Safety precautions for operation of abrasive wheels.

Machinery – Abrasive Wheel Inspection – English/Spanish

Inspection of abrasive wheels before operation.

Noise Overexposure – Controls – English/Spanish

An overview of the types of protective equipment used for hearing conservation.

Noise Overexposure – Effects – English/Spanish

The health effects of noise overexposure.

Noise Overexposure – Warning Signs – English/Spanish

Various warning signs of hearing damage due to noise overexposure.

Personal Protective Equipment – Filtering Facepieces – English/Spanish

When and how to effectively use a filtering facepiece.

Pictograms – English/Spanish

A poster illustrating the nine pictograms included on hazardous chemical labels and safety data sheets.

Power Tool Safety Basics – English/Spanish

A poster covering the basics of power tool safety.

PPE Safety Basics – English/Spanish

A poster covering the basics of personal protective equipment, including hazards that require the use of such equipment.

Proper Footwear – English/Spanish

A safety poster about the importance of proper footwear on the jobsite.

Respiratory Protection – Breathe Easy – English/Spanish

A poster covering the basics of respiratory protection including proper use of respirators.

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) – English/Spanish

A poster listing the 16 required sections of a safety data sheet.

Scaffold Safety Basics – English/Spanish

A poster covering the basics of scaffold safety.

Silica – Deadly Dust – English

This poster is a reminder of the dangers of breathing silica dust.

Slips, Trips and Falls – Safety Tips – English/Spanish

A poster covering slip and fall hazards.

Slips, Trips, and Falls – English/Spanish

A poster encouraging awareness and prevention of slips, trips, and falls.

Spray Booths – Housekeeping – English/Spanish

A reminder for employees to keep work areas around spray booths clear of residue build-up.

Spray Booths – Ventilation – English/Spanish

Discusses the importance of proper ventilation.

Stay Cool – Avoid Heat Stress – English/Spanish

The basics of how to avoid heat stress on the job.

Tool Safety – Hand Tools – English/Spanish

The dos and don’ts of hand tool safety.

Tool Safety – Pneumatic Tools – English/Spanish

Safe procedures for the use of pneumatic tools.

Tool Safety – Powder Actuated Tools – English/Spanish

How to safely operate powder actuated tools.

Tool Safety – Pressure Washers – English/Spanish

Describes safety precautions for the use of pressure washers.

Workplace Violence – Definitions – English/Spanish

A description of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence – Examples – English/Spanish

A list of workplace violence examples.

Workplace Violence – Sources – English/Spanish

Lists sources of workplace violence.