Business owners should ensure that routine inspections of work areas are conducted and the results documented.

This “Client Handout” provides small business owners a means of identifying potential problem areas that may occur within their facilities. Any question answered “No” should be thoroughly investigated and corrective actions taken.

Questions Yes No N/A
Are walking surfaces clean, clear of debris, and dry?
Are stairs, steps, handrails, and landings in good condition?
Is area lighting adequate?
Is general housekeeping acceptable and storage neat and orderly?
Is furniture in a good state of repair?
Are exits properly identified and lighted?
Are exit paths clear?
Are exit doors operable and equipped with panic hardware?
Is emergency lighting operable?
Does the fire alarm system work?
Has the fire alarm system been inspected and tested?
Are evacuation floor plans posted?
Are emergency phone numbers posted in conspicuous areas throughout the building?
Are “Do Not Use Elevator in Fire Emergency” signs posted and legible?
Are boilers and hot water heaters serviced regularly?
Are state inspection certificates on file and current for boilers?
Is a preventive maintenance service contract in effect on heating/air conditioning equipment?
Are elevator inspection certificates posted and a service contract in effect?
Is the parking area well-maintained and properly illuminated?
Are exterior walkways in good physical condition?
Are walkways, roads, and parking lots kept clear of ice, snow, and other debris?


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