Wellness Talks

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The following is a partial list of wellness talks available to policyholders of Midwestern Insurance Alliance. It’s  just one of the many innovative ways Midwestern Insurance Alliance supports your business. These and many additional safety and HR resources can be accessed through our Risk Management Center.

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The following are wellness talks available in the Risk Management Center

Caffeine and You – English/Spanish

Reviews the effects of caffeine on the body.

Do the Math – Calculating your Body Mass – English/Spanish

A walk-through to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Exercise as a Treatment For Depression – English/Spanish

Research shows that exercise can be an effective treatment for depression.

Facing Grief and Loss – English/Spanish

Coping with a personal loss.

Health Benefits of Yoga – English/Spanish

Describes the benefits associated with practicing Yoga.

Healthy Cooking – Preserving Nutritional Content – English/Spanish

Discusses nutrient loss during cooking and gives advice on how to prevent it from happening.

Healthy Cooking – Techniques – English/Spanish

Healthy methods of preparing foods.

Heart Health – Diet – English/Spanish

Discusses the effect of nutrition on the cardiovascular system.

Heart Health – Walking – English/Spanish

Describes the benefits of walking for exercise.

How Do Colds Spread? – English/Spanish

Learn how the common cold can be easily transmitted from person to person.

Influenza Virus – Preventing the Spread – English/Spanish

Discusses the prevention of the spread of the influenza virus.

Insects and Other Bugs to Avoid 1 – English

Discusses the potential dangers presented by insects and similar organisms.

Insects and Other Bugs to Avoid 2 – English

Discusses the dangers associated with ticks, and what to do if bitten.

Let’s Talk About Fat – English

Lower the risk of heart disease by decreasing your intake of dietary fat.

Making Healthy Choices When Eating Out – English/Spanish

Helpful tips when eating out.

My Bag is Killing Me! – English/Spanish

Avoid back injuries by lightening the load of your bag.

Nutrition 101 – English/Spanish

Discusses the basic elements of nutrition

People Who Avoid Going to the Doctor – English/Spanish

Explains the importance of visiting your doctor on a regular basis.

Simple Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol – English/Spanish

Cholesterol can be both good and bad, so it’s important to learn what cholesterol is, how it affects your health, and how to manage your blood cholesterol levels.

Stress Management – English

Discusses the importance of managing your stress.

Stretching – English

Outlines why and how to stretch.

Strokes – English/Spanish

Discusses some of the symptoms of strokes.

The Importance of Water – English/Spanish

Discusses the importance of water.

Trying to Quit Smoking – English/Spanish

Support is available for people trying to quit smoking.

Vitamins – English/Spanish

Describes the importance of vitamins. Lists the purpose of individual vitamins, and food sources.

Weight Management – English/Spanish

Describes health problems associated with weight, and discusses methods by which to control risk.

What is Trans Fat? – English/Spanish

A talk about the difference between good and bad fats.